Advertising on YouTube

Anyone can create an advertising campaign on Google Ads. All you need is to register your email address with Google, any email address can be registered for free. Sign it to Google Ads. Choose the type of ad you would like ie: youtube or google search ad. Set a goal ie: website visits, sales or […]

Christmas Marketing

We create personalised images to share on Social Media to promote your products. We can create a message for your website, send out in an email or post on Social Media to thank you customers for their continued support. We have loads of different styles, we can add your personalise, form as little as £5. […]

Waiting Room Presentations

We can create auto scrolling presentations to demonstrate and advertise your products to customers while they are waiting to be served.Below is a demo I created for a doctors surgery and a presentation I created for a garage in London.

Mobile First Presentations

Mobile first presentations.Are you still creating presentations to be viewed on computers.70% of all internet sites and emails are viewed on mobile phones.We create mobile first Presentations for Email, Social Media and Websites. Take a look at the presentation below or the video demo.