Advertising on YouTube

Anyone can create an advertising campaign on Google Ads.

All you need is to register your email address with Google, any email address can be registered for free.

  1. Sign it to Google Ads.
  2. Choose the type of ad you would like ie: youtube or google search ad.
  3. Set a goal ie: website visits, sales or messages.
  4. Set a budget: you can start from £2 per day for one week, you only pay if someone watches you video for 30 seconds or clicks on it, once you reach your daily budget your ad stops running until the following day.

To create an engaging video to attract customers you need expensive software and the design skills to use it, this is where we can help.

We have access to stock video footage and images, AI voice over software, voice over actors and graphic designers.
We can create your video and you can create your own ads campaign.

Take a look at the demo below.